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I Made a thing

UPDATE: after a bit of reflection, you can’t call it the “worlds best” if it doesn’t use the actual deal with it glasses so:

deal with it

After a bit of confusion about why an animated “Deal with It” emoticon didn’t already exist in a google image search I used it as an excuse to learn how to gifs work. Turns out all you need to create a gif is patience, source images, and GIMP.

GIMP made the process very easy, with the only caveat being you need to be sure and either not have transparency in your images or make sure you set the frame disposal option to to only show the current frame instead of stacking them.

Starting with:

Smirk face Sunglasses face

And following this tutorial I made

deal with it

Source .xcf file for reference if you want to play around with timing on the frames deal_with_it.xcf

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